BMW manufactures automobiles and motorcycles, and on its landmark 90th birthday will rank among the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. We look back on the diverse history of our brand with pride and joy while at the same time living in a very successful period of advanced development. In 2012, BMW Motorrad succeeded in establishing a new sales record with production of 106,358 motorcycles which makes it the market leader in 15 countries.

Since we are in the enviable situation of owning all our series models from 1923 alongside prototypes and famous racing motorcycles in the collections of BMW Group Classic and the BMW Museum, we are in a position to present milestones in BMW Motorrad history at appropriate events.

Collectors within the company were clearly already very active in collecting motorcycles at the right time. It is therefore especially exciting to be presenting the most comprehensive anniversary exhibition celebrating 90 years of BMW Motorrad in a country of motorcycle enthusiasts like Italy.

Furthermore, this year’s competition for the awards at the Concorso di Motociclette features an intriguing comparison of a surprising number of motorcycles from different brands and eras that are also powered by Boxer engines. These machines really do have the status of special birthday guests at BMW Motorrad... There will also be a very special birthday present. BMW Motorrad is effectively giving itself a present but in this case we are delighted to share the pleasure with you, our very special guests at the Concorso di Motociclette 2013.