BMW has been building motorcycles since 1923 and that makes the company one of the world's oldest manufacturers still in existence. Naturally, we always experience a sense of pride and joy as we look back on the diverse history of our own brand. A make indeed that has never before been so successful. BWM Motorrad broke a sales record in 2011 by selling 104,286 motorcycles, and this also made it market leader in 16 countries. Since we are in the fortunate position of owning all our series models since 1923 as well as the famous racing machines within the portfolios of BMW Group Classic and the BMW Museum, we are able to present the milestones in the history of BMW Motorrad at appropriate public forums. We are privileged that motorcycle collectors within the company were already busily collecting motorcycles at the right time. It is particularly exciting when specific models from various eras can be compared with models manufactured by competitors. And what better opportunity than Italy, the country of motorcycle enthusiasts.

BMW Motorrad, like Husqvarna Motorcycles, the second brand of the BMW Group, regularly presents design studies in advance of new model launches. These studies always provide a rich source of material for discussion between motorcycle fans and competitors. At the Concorso di Motociclette, we are presenting a special show of design studies from very different origins. Independent designers and the design centres of Italian motorcycle manufacturers are presenting concepts and prototypes of series models. Our aim is to show a wide range of the latest motorcycle developments as a continuation of a long tradition in motorcycle construction. More than 50 years ago, the saying was coined that motorcycles are the masterpieces of engineers who remain young at heart. Come and see for yourselves.